Former Goat Nanny Diaries

{August 21, 2008}   I’m Good On Flying Until Next Year…

Today. Went to Indianapolis airport, right? I’m on time, everything’s chill. Met a couple people on the flight… made small talk. Oh yeah, something malfunctioned on the plane. I was chill about it, didn’t really care, only thing that crossed my mind was “oh god, what if i miss my flight in Pittsburgh?” But the guy sitting in front of me, he totally understood, he was all “oh you’ll be alright. I’m sure you’ll make youir flight” stuff like that, and he was a total sweetheart. So, when we finally got off the ground, I got a power nap! I snoozed for most of the trip, and it was amazing when i woke up. So, the flight lands and both of the guys in front of me (who very nicely made small talk) were like “you need to get off before us, go ahead” I was flattered by the chivalry, but i said “no thanks, it’s totally fine.” But the guy who had talked to me said “No really. I don’t want you to miss your flight. Hurry. You deserve it” and he smiled. Seriously. I wanted to thank him as i got off the plane because i just barely made it. BARELY. And then i slept the whole way back to bradley. Okay, that’s a lie. I looked out onto the… horizon? And words would fail me to describe the sight. it was amazingg. **

**This was supposed to be published the 18th, but i got sidetracked when i got home after i started writing and never came back until now.


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