Former Goat Nanny Diaries

{August 22, 2008}   Things You May Not Know..

Reading my aunt’s blog gave me the idea to try this.


10. I cannot and will not fall asleep if there is no music for me to listen to. I have to have it otherwise I won’t fall asleep. And that’s never fun.

9. I prefer the winter to the summer even though I was born in June. I like the warmth and tanning, but the ability to be able to wear big fluffly hoodies totally rocks. And I like snow and skiing and sledding even though i’m highly danger prone enough without doing those two things. And, there’s something about snowy mornings when i walk down to the busstop that are just peaceful and amazing.

8. I see things abstractly. Everything, or close to 95% of things are poetic to me. That’s another reason why I like the winter, I can take the snow and everything and make it into a poem by the time i get my hands on a sheet of paper. I can also take a rainy day for poetry too.

7. I DO NOT like math. Enough said.

6. I was named after one of my Mom’s best friends, or so i was told. Thus I have this strangely unique name… that nobody can seem to spell right. It’s S-t-e-f-f-a-n-n-i. There’s no PH in my name. Nor is there another E at the end of my name. To which this brings me to my middle name which is just as unique (thank you Aunt Mindee). My name is so unique that freshman year when I was scheduling my classes with 5 other people my guidance councilor felt the need to say my whole name out loud and spell it out because A. she liked the way it sounded (to which I said thankyou.) and B. it was “very unique and [she] liked it. Alot.” (to which I said thank you again and asked her to please schedule me for foods 1 and Business law 1& 2 [and of course, i only got one of those requests. Which was Business law 1 &2])

5. I love the French language. My French teacher and I often enough have short sweet conversations in the morning (she’s also my homeroom teacher [which totally rocks]) when I arrive. I don’t know why I do it, but there’s something about the language that makes me want to speak it. I often enough incorperate French into daily conversations with people who don’t speak French (without realizing it) and they get pissed. Sorry.

4. My best friend and person I absolutely go to when I really need to talk to is my sister. She’s 13 but i don’t care, she listens even when my friends won’t which is why she’s one of the people i’m closest to in my life.

3. According to my Aunt (the one I spent my summer with) I absolutely did not want to read when i was 6 or some age like that. That’s funny because now i love to read. i’m almost never not reading something or other.

2. In the 4th grade for the final marking period thing (i’m not sure how it’s set up) I did better in math than i did English. When I came across that, i wanted to cry.

1. I chose the URL for this blog just out of no where. Highschool doen’t really suck, but there are times when i absolutely cannot stand it


waltzinexile says:

Re: #6 You owe the spelling of your middle name to ME. And re: #5 “oftenly” is not a word. Not even in French.

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