Former Goat Nanny Diaries

{August 29, 2008}   Beyond Busy

There is LESS THAN A WEEK until school starts. Holy God. And I can honestly say, today was like my first day of just being HOME. I haven’t been home all week. My planner has been booked solid through and it’s been INSANITY trying to prep for school between watching my youngest sister and helping Sydney get ready for HS so that way she doesn’t get lost the first day . Even though, i’m betting my new shoes that she will even if I do manage to give her the best damn directions on how to get from point A to point B.

With less than a week i’m still in need of notebooks and pencils and pens, folders, binders, loose-leaf… protractors (stupid geometry), rulers, a scientific calculator, everything. I haven’t given a care to think about classes. The afternoon of the 24th of june when my friends and I toasted to a happy summer and to being juniors was the last i thought or cared much bout learning. And here i am now, about two months later, I have 5 days of freedom to be busy.

Tomorrow I have a hair appointment and i’m not going to be home until 10:30 tomorrow night because i’ll be out. Friday I’ll be out again, and i probably won’t even be coming home, I’ll be over a friend’s house watchig movies and enjoying the last days of summer. Saturday I’ll be celebrating a friends sweet 16.

But do I remember the school? Sure. The question is, do I want to think about school and ridiculous amounts of homework just yet? Nope. I want to finish my summer 08 and LIVE, LEARN, LAUGH


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