Former Goat Nanny Diaries

{September 1, 2008}   School. Tomorrow. YIKES!

This morning I tested my morning routine. Get up at five in the morning, take a shower, eat breakfast, listen to the radio and figure out what the hell to wear… hopefully tomorrow goes just a well

I mean, yeah. I know what i’m wearing tomorrow (gray tee, pink and gray vest [Thanks again Aunt Min] jeans that give me an ass, black pumps and of course, some sort of jewelery) and that’s because last night I was talking to my bestie on the phone and we were both having panic attacks about what to wear, even though, yesterday school didn’t start for two days. Today, it starts in ONE.

I’m still yet to go supply shopping. I need binders, college ruled notebooks and PENCILS. Seriously. God forbid, i always have a gazillion pens, black, blue, purple, red, you name it, i use it. But I never have any pencils. Which is a pain. in. the. ass to do math, in case you didn’t know. I also need new contacts, and socks. Which I know thats random, but I have NO socks. Sadly.

So today, i’m going to go out and get my school stuffs and then i’m going out for the last time before school starts. And then, when school starts, i can kiss my freedom goodbye for about two months because my sister has soccer so once again! I will be a nanny… or something like that. It just won’t be, the Goat Nanny. Which makes me wonder what type of outragous animal my sister is….

And there I go, getting sidetracked, gotta love that.
But no, school starts tomorrow, 7:25 am. Which gets me, because my bus comes at freakin 6:52 in the morning. what’s the point in getting to school so damn early?! I sit there in the morning for about a half hour with NOTHING to do. Okay, i lied, I sit there and more often than not, I end up doing homework that should have been done in either studyhall or the night before.


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