Former Goat Nanny Diaries

{September 5, 2008}   Picture Day….Tomorrow.

I haven’t exactly been keeping up to date recently. I’ve had three days of classes so far, and guess what, I atually don’t dread any of my classes this year.

Yeah, last year I dreaded my Algebra class and my biology class. Okay and gym too, but what the hell, it was gym and i didn’t have any decent friends in that class. Anywho. This year, i have the best damn classes. Pardon my swearing, but it’s true.

My schedule is as follows:

  • French III
  • Searching & Writing (Honors) (There’s like 7 people in that class, myself included. It rocks. The teacher is like a psychologist in a way)
  • Basic Geometry (I’ll say it now, Duffy [the teacher i have for this class] ROCKS. I had him Freshman year and he makes math so… do-able. That’s why I don’t dread that class)
  • Chemistry (I have the cool teacher who cost the school around $1500 worth of damages last year [on the coldest day of the year] when he caused a sprinkler to go off in his room whilst doing a demo. I must say though. BEST. TEACHER. EVER. He’s relateable and not all bitchy and uptight. Which rocks. He also rocks at teaching and he has the best sense of humor too. Thus he makes chem. way fun)
  • Study hall (first day of classes I had to hear this: “Ohmigod. Everyone’s going to know what a whore I am. I did stuff with a football player and now he’s telling his friends! I’m so stupid” If there’s one thing i hated about studyhall it was that freshman. I was perfectly polite listening to her when she was bitching an moaning about her stupidity. I had the biggest urge to turn to her and say “SHUT UP. YOU’RE A FRESHAMN. YOU’RE STUPID. YOU’RE WASTING MY TIME.” Did i? Nah, I’m way too polite to be like that. However, since i have second lunch, which splits fifth period in half for me, i did go to talk to my french teacher and I switched into her french one class for the hell of it. I get to see & help my best friend while helping Mademoiselle teach and run errands. [Yes, i am the biggest suck up to my French teacher. She appreciates it though]) 
  • U.S History (I guess it’s okay. I’m learning stuff, woohoo, but I didn’t get the cool teacher that I wanted. I actually got the teacher who’s class i dropped last year. There’s no avoiding this teacer. But now that I’ve actually taken the time to sit through her class and not say to myself “i’m going to drop this class. I don’t like this class. This class sucks, i hate this class” [that’s seriously what i said last year when I got Modern World History] I actually like the teacher and the class. Even though i’m not fond of the having to open up and share with people about certain things (one of the things i don’t like about this class is that NONE of my friends are in it. C’est la vie though. Shit happens).
  • P.E & Health (First day of classes in homeroom my best guy friend and i were sitting head to head looking over our schedules and we both discovered “YES! WE HAVE THE SAME GYM CLASS!” We hang out in gym. It’s awesome. The first two weeks are tennis. LOVE tennis. Even though today I learned I SUCK. Seriously. My friend told me he’s going to help me with my forehand stroke and my backhand. Even though my backhand rocks. Even though i got hit with the tennis ball today. But it’s no big deal. P.E is going to ROCK this year)

Yeah. Best classes. EVER. People say “oh wait until you do this or that.” Yeah? That’s not going to bother me. I plan on working hard this year. This is the year that couonts.

Anyways! Why was i writing? Um… OH! Picture day is tomorrow. Friday. Hottest freakin day of the week and it’s picture day. I love how the picture studio people ALWAYS screw us over like that. Though it’s not suuposed to be so bad in the morning. Which i’m hoping not. With my hair even the slightest humidity causes a lil frizz and a lil curl. Not the best, but this year my pic should look nice. i’m planning on wearing my new white polo shirt and having my hair down. Even though before i get there i’m keeping my hair up so that way if it is humid it wont frizz up tooo badly. The one bad thing about tomorrow is I miss my two favorite courses of the year (yeah, oddly it takes two periods for pictures and the principal to lecture us) I miss Chem and geometry. Which sucks. I actually like my math and science courses this year. Ah well C’est la vie.


Karen says:

Wow, nostalgia. My Jr. year of high school ruined my love/interest in French. My teacher had a baby and so took the year off and we got a sub for the whole year who was fresh out of college (inexperienced) and kept mixing up French and Spanish. My teacher came back for my fourth year and discovered that we were all barely at level 2. High school chemistry rocks, I hope he shows you what happens if you put sodium metal into water and the gummy bear sacrifice, those were awesome demonstrations.

Hope your picture comes out good, the way to guarantee mine would be good is if Mom didn’t order them, those ones came out awesome but when she ordered them they rarely turned out! Oh and I am the goat momma’s new fan, congrats on surviving the goat herding =).

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