Former Goat Nanny Diaries

{September 7, 2008}   Longest Short Week EVER

Yesterday was picture day. I hope my picture came out alright, my friend fussed over me with her cover up and eye shadow. I was highly appreciative. I didn’t look as red as i did, and my face wasn’t all blemishy either. Which totally rocked. I guess. Also, when i was getting my pic done, like before hand, the guy grabbed my face trying to “angle it the right way.” Sure thing….

But yesterday also was the conclusion to the longest short week EVER. Yes, that’s possible. I swear i thought the week was never going to end. Which is different than last year where the short weeks flew by in the blink of an eye and the regular weeks just came and went. But not this year… Tuesday was awesome. Sure, happy to be back in classes, getting acquainted with new teachers and seeing the old ones again, but it dragged on full of paper workfor teachers to know how to reach our parents and the yearly lectures of how we’re supposed to behave (as if i don’t recall all those rules [no mini-skirts, no swearing, no cellular devices or iPods, MP3’s, cameras, no Public Displays of Affection [holding hands OR kissing], respect, etc.] for heaven’s sake I’m a freakin JUNIOR now, I’ve been there, rocked that). Fun stuff…really. And then Wednesday was just blah, a continuation of Tuesday except in Chemistry. Our teacher didn’t waste any time getting into an awesome demo and showing us what we might possibly be up to. and geometry too except he showed us how to take notes for his class. Nothing else happened that can be worthy of explanation. Thursday was dull. I cannot wait for classes to REALLY start. I want class work, i want debates, homework, fun stuff, i don’t want to just sit there. Dammit, i want to be challenged! And Yesterday, well yeah, had four classes and that was it. Spent two periods getting pictures done and getting lectured by the VP’s on behaviour. Which again, Juniors. WE KNOW HOW TO BEHAVE NO MATTER HOW STUPID WE MAY ACT SOMETIMES.

I already have homework though:

  1. Searching & Writing: Mission Statement that I will swear to live by this year (sure thing, already done with it, even if it is due on Wednesday i think)
  2. Geometry,which sucks because I forgot my book up in my U.S history class when i was in a rush to get down to gym that afternoon…
  3. U.S History… funny how that works, forgot my geometry work in there but i grab what i need…

Out of those assignments, 2 are done. The other i cannot do because I simply do not have a geometry book at my disposal. Ah well, i have 25 minutes in the morning before classes start, i’ll do it then.


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