Former Goat Nanny Diaries

{September 11, 2008}   Life: 1 Steff: 2

Yup, exactly that. i’m kicking life’s ASS and loving it.

Since school’s started I’ve been nothing but a bustling bundle of joy (try saying that five times fast….) or almost a bustling bundle of joy. I have the best teachers this year, an amazing boyfriend, and dammit i’m going to France this year! On top of that, I’ve changed Lamplighters & I’m playing tennis. Life hasn’t been this great… not in a long time anyways. Although, I have aquired cell phone elbow because i’m almost always on my phone now after I get home. And I get hand cramps from doing my work to the best of my ability because this year I plan on getting HONORS(!) and going to the damn honors breakfast which i never manage to do that because i always miss an honor roll along the way to second semester. Which pisses me off of course it’s like i spend three quarters working my ass off and then at the end of third quarter i get my report card and it says “7.99” to which i say “WHO THE F*CK DIDN’T GIVE ME THAT 0.01??????” And spend the rest of my day brooding over which teacher to hate while listening to my “smarter” (psha, smarter? We’re a bunch of…. morons sometimes. lol ❤ them anyways though) friends say “HAHA! Honors breakfast! HA!” but likewise, this year I’m going to work extra hard just to do well. This is the year that counts! and heaven forbid if I’m going to get into Harvard I have to do well (and have a lot of money and get grants and take out loans). Now, why the hell did i say HARVARD?! WTF? I was aiming for something along the lines of… Ohio State… or maybe Connecticut State… but Harvard slipped because of my aunt. We were talking (more like she was lecturing me) about college in the car ride from Dayton to The Haute (aka EXILE). Now, don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t mind getting into Harvard and looking cool and being able to say twenty years from now “oh yeah, well i went to HARVARD” but it’s just so damn EXPENSIVE. Which sucks. Because i’ve decided I want to be either an English or French teacher (See Aunt Mindee, i’ve found what i want to do with my life!!!!!) and i want Grade A style learning. But yeah, this whole teaching idea came from after lunch when I was with my best guy friend and we were bitching about how incredibly stupid some of the freshmen in our school are. And he said to me “You know what, we should both become teachers, teach at the same school, and give the freshman all hell to earn a rep like what (insert Fermi’s teacher’s name here)  supposedly has.” To which I replied “Yeah, but we won’t have thrity years on McCain like she does.” To which we both fell over in a fit of laughter that was bad enough to sort of, possibly, in a way, might have get us/gotten us kicked out of the library. Because we were snorting with laughter at my joke. But yes, we’re dead set on being teachers. We’ll be the coolest teachers EVER because we rock. Haha…

And tomorrow night is Lamplighters. ^.- I’m trying out for a huge part. Woohoo!!!!


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