Former Goat Nanny Diaries

{September 14, 2008}   Catching Up…

Busy!!!! That’s why i write every three days or so….
Friday night was auditions for the All American Musical Disaster. I went and auditioned and i sit here now waiting to find out if i got the part i wanted…..

Saturday (rather, yesterday) I went out and went to the 4 Town Fair with my sister, her two friends and a friend of my own. My friend actually got me to go on the spinny tilty ride…. which was fun. Oddly. And then we went on the same type of ride, except it didn’t actually tilt but you think it did. It was kind of cool… even though afterwords i was bent over clutching my stomach saying “I’m going to be sick…” over and over again. Never did get sick though. So all was well. Last night I popped in Spirited Away. I forget how long that movie is. I put it in at maybe 10:00 and about and hour and a half into it i fell asleep, missing THE BEST part of the whole movie. Woke up around 4 am to hear South Park and I’m like “wtf? I fell asleep” So i went downstairs and fell back asleep in my bed, with the uber comfy pillow that I pilched from Sydney and that’s where I am now! It’s 10:46 AM, I’m awake and waiting for my email from Lamplighters. Hopefully it’ll come soon. I really, really, REALLY want to know which part i got.  Must go check email…again.


Don’t leave us hanging…!?

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