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{September 17, 2008}   Not Exactly Sure What To Blog

Not exactly sure what to say

I have Lamplighters tonight. Best people EVER in that group. They rock. MORE THAN DECA EVER WILL (ongoing argument between my boyfriend and I. He believes that DECA makes more than Lamplighters at Fermi Fest because they’re marketing and cooler. To which i argue that they make more because they cheat)

I’m also disliking english more and more as the year goes on. Today i left that class feeling tiny. A couple days ago the teacher called my writing immature and cliche.

My phone charger is dying. Okay. It’s on its last…wires. Yeah, my dog decided to chew up the prongs on it… I say, and this is just me: I need a new phone. My phone is on its last months for the contract and its hardly functioning. So i figure if anything, i should get a new phone.

Today in chem we dissolved a PENNY using nitric acid. That was COOL. Seriously loving chem this year, even if i do suck at math…

Which reminds me! I’m doing well in math this year. Its not all arithmatic like last year and my teacher rocks.

Which, that reminds me of mademoiselle. She’s a cool and i get away with so much in that class. =)

Talk about getting off topic. haha….

Homework to do before LL tonight. =D

Also have to do dishes…

And eat dinner…. because I won’t be home until after 9.

Which oddly that makes me think about getting pictures. I wonder when our school pictures come in. I know one of the secretaries was telling me how she got the itty bitty pictures for our IDs so i wonder when we’ll get all that jazz. And i hope to god this year that my pics came out alright….

Now i must get going.


Karen says:

Congrats on the part! Nice to know that your english teacher is uplifting and supportive… Constructive criticism is one thing but there is a line and I do believe he crossed it! Good prep for college I guess, not all profs are nice, though in my experience most have been.

Chemistry is cool, and the math for it only gets bad when you take the really advanced stuff in college, like physical chemistry, the evil love child of physics and chemistry.

Best of luck with it all!

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