Former Goat Nanny Diaries

{September 21, 2008}   Mysterious Ways

Before i start saying anything important, i gotta say, this song rocks. Mysterious Ways by U2. =)

Sorry i haven’t written in forever. i’ve been incredibly busy. My English teacher is yet to give me a break about my writing. I’m on my fifth draft for a paper (which I’ll post as soon as i finish it) and Holy God, its grown so much since i’ve started it. I’ve also been up to my neck in chemistry stuff too; our lab tomorrow focuses on density. We have to stack liquids by their density to create a rainbow in a graduated cylinder (and the only reason i know this is because my buddy has chem lab Wednesday’s so¬† his first lab was the second day of school therefore putting him ahead of me, labwise. Which works to my advantage, kinda) Speaking of chem, i have a feeling we’re going to waste a lot of pennies this year. We’ve already destroyed three in demos alone. 2 of which we dissolved in nitric acid (and i got pics on my camera phone which I’ll try and post) and the other one we melted to prove the point that pennies are made of zinc and plated with copper. It was kinda neat. Geometry still goes well too so i’m looking forward to that tomorrow. We’re getting into the geometric stuff (obviously. lol) French goes amazing as well. We’re finally done with reviewing and the first unit and now we get to learn past tense, which, if i don’t mind sayin so myself, I ready know a little bit of the past tense so HA! Kidding. But I don’t know which past tense we start, but we start that a demain. =) Speaking of Frenchy stuff… today we had a fund raiser at the town green. I got there at like 11 and was there until 1. It was for family fun day and our activity was “Toss across” aka Tic Tac Toe. Which totally rocked. We had pictures of the Eiffel Tower and L’arc De Triomph. It was slow at first and around 1ish before i had to leave it got really busy. Can’t wait to find out how much we made. Backtracking a little, yesterday i spent the day with my boyfriend and his family at the Big E. Totally rocked. I seriously want to adopt his family aslike my inlaws or something. I ended up staying at his house until almost twelve until his mom drove me home. All in all though, been pretty busy…. Lamplighters tomorrow night, tennis wednesday afternoon and lamplighters that night…. ahh another long week ahead of me. Cannot wait until Columbus Day Weekend. We have that Friday off and then Monday off, even though, Columbus doesn’t deserve his own holiday because of all the bad things he did. But I’m still greatful for the three day weekend. =) Now I have to go back to writing my English paper… stupid fifth draft….


Karen says:

I remember stacking the liquids based on density, it was pretty cool. As I recall tilting the tube slightly to the side and very slowly pouring in the next liquid is the trick to it. Have a great week!

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