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{September 25, 2008}   Searching & Writing Level 2 (Honors Course)

Either all my teachers in the past have been lying to me about my writing to make me feel good, or this teacher just REALLY, REALLY, REALLY hates me…

This is the second page...where her "constructive criticism" was at its worst.

This is the second page...where her


Karen says:

Not all her suggestions are bad, though I know that it is very disheartening to work on something for so long and have it still fall short! Perhaps based on this and the others you can figure out her style/what she likes and write accordingly. This worked in the past for me, in terms of writing it was my gender in lit class as a senior in college that totally threw me off. I had been taking more science and math courses and not as much english/humanities and it was a high level lit course. It was almost like learning a new language and I totally sucked in the beginning. Once I learned what kind of BS floats a lit prof’s boat I did much better.

Same tends to apply to exams given for lectures, the first exam most people score less on even though it usually covers the easier material because going in you don’t necessarily know what the prof wants you to know and how they ask the questions. I’m going to guess that this being an honors class she expects a whole lot from you, her criticism doesn’t necessarily mean you are not a good writer it just means she thinks you are not reaching your full potential. Another strategy you might try would be to go up to her after class and ask her to help you, that will show that you are trying to improve and perhaps she will not be so critical of you. As I’ve said before, it is her job to push you to do better, that would be the whole point of taking a class, but she should do it in a way that isn’t so discouraging.

If you did drop would you be able to switch to another english class? Colleges LOVE lots of english on the transcript.

Best of luck with it, keep your chin up and all those other cliches!

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