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{September 25, 2008}   Lamplighters, Boyfriend, Chemistry, Tennis, English

Busy! Busy! Busy!

Between Mondays & Wednesday Lamplighter meetings (which right now consist of two hours of blocking [stage direction stuffs that make the play look more real]), and Monday and Wednesday tennis until 5, i virtually have no time anymore. When I’m not doing lamplighters or playing tennis, I’ve been watching my sister, and weekends are spent with my boyfriend. And I cannot blog at school because our filters (as in the like the network filters) SUCK ASS. (Pardon my language) I hate Internet censorship¬†it’s a¬†pain. Although, I must say, our filters do let us access emails.

What else? Oh. English. You know, you’d think that after my last four drafts got DENIED and I got my ego killed day after day, that the teacher would like my fifth draft, nicely typed, double spaced, exactly two pages, times new roman font and size twelve. Sadly, no. I got my paper back yesterday (and if i had had any time, i would’ve blogged it, but sadly, I was busy even yesterday) and it was covered in pencil. Yes, pencil. Not only that, but her writing looks GREEK to me. And once again, without verbalizing it, my teacher managed to kill my passion for writing once more. I told my mom tonight when we were on our way from lamplighters that I seriously wish to drop this class. I know we’re like four weeks in, but I can’t take much more of her “constructive critisism.”

Chemisry still rocks. This weeks lab: stack the water colors! So, monday morning i’m all psyched, had lab fifth, and i knew what we were doing because my best friend had already had this lab the week before, so his labs are one ahead of ours (as a matter of fact he had lab today, i should probably ask him what they were doing so I can find out what i need to know, lol). So, as Shultz (chemistry teacher extraordinaire was explaining, he asked if we had any questions so i raised my hand, grinned and asked “Can we get started now?” So at first, I was thinking, okay mix the sugar in, and then pour. Yeah…. no. There were sadly two flaws with that idea: you can’t pour the water no matter the density because it WILL mix (as we dscovered by maybe the fifth time of trying to pour the water [yes, that is an example of the definition of insanity]), and the sugar had to be measured and there had to be a whole shit load more in the bottom layer than in the middle layer. When my lab partner suggested we use pipets is when we finalyl got it right. It was so COOL. I have pictures on my phone which i’ll try and post as well as the drafts of my paper for english.

But for now, it’s now 10:50 PM and I have to get up early tomorrow… Can only amagine what I’ll be doing tomorrow….


Laurent says:

lmao! we only used a pipete for the last layer fyi stephenique.

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