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{October 4, 2008}   It Never Ends

I’m so sorry i haven’t written AT ALL recently. God when was the last time I blogged? Jesus… I’ve been busy, and even as I write (and it’s like 10:30 or something) I’m eating dinner.

Yes, dinner. Well if you consider white rice and french fries dinner (I can explain, I swear) as dinner. To explain my late night dinner eating-ness I had lamplighters tonight. Woohoo!! We ran through Act II scene 2 tonight. It rocked. Even though after I finished I was done reading for the night so I got to lounge and get a little bit of reading done while watching my fellow actors.

This week has also been insane chemistry demo week. Which I’ve been DYING to blog, but my school SUCKS and won’t allow me to access my blog during school on a school computer.

  • Monday – Lab: We had to find the volume of aluminum foil. Yeah. Try that. We couldn’t simply fold over the foil, or stack it, NO! we had to measure out a square and do all this junk which, to be honest, i’m way to tired to even remember or try to explain my lab partenr’s thinking process when she told me she did it right. We also came up with the best quote: “When in doubt, go big.” Our chem. teacher told us that we would get better results for our second trial if we did a bigger square and he was right. Our percent error was like 1.95. Which, with bragging rights was the best in the class. Woot woot. We rock.
  • Tuesday- I think that was when Shultz decided to do the crazy sugar and sulphuric acid demo to show us how an activator works and what an extrothermic reaction looked like. Which I must say, our demo was a dud compared to sixth periods. It took about ten minutes and a half a bottle of Sulphuric acid just to get a somewhat correct reaction. I love how it’s always our period that has the dud reactions.
  • Wednesday- We blew up sugar in a beaker, twice. Yup, our first trial of the demo was a… dud. But that’s because we were using ancient sugar. When Shultz brought out new nice sugar and used 18 molarity sulphuric acid our demo ROCKED. I really wish i recorded it, but I didn’t get a chance to.
  • Thursday- We took a lot of notes and did nothing too exciting… at least, I don’t remember anything too exciting… Oh that’s right! Yesterday we talked about thermal energy and temperature. Really fun stuff…. not.
  • Today! So we lit the countertop on fire today. Shultz was trying to demonstrate a point about how alcohol, if it’s got too much water mixed with it, won’t light on fire. I love how demos prove the teacher wrong, it’s rather funny. Because even when the alcohol had water with it, it still burned on our countertop. We also took notes about chemical and physical properties and their changes. Kinda cool

Yeah, talk about exciting… sigh. I miss the days where I had nothing much going on after school, now i’m so busy.

  • Monday – Rehearsal
  • Tuesday- A lil bit of tennis
  • Wednesday- Sometimes rehearsal
  • Thursday- rarely a rehearsal (like if we need it, like we did last night) and tennis
  • Friday- Rehearsal sometimes

Yeah… Also have to factor in Sydney’s soccer games which I go to and getting Sara from school. Soon I have to get a job, oi it makes my head spin to think about how busy i’ll be then.

Oh! I got my passport today! Rather… I applied for my passport. Get this, you have to be 16 to get one, and you can legallly sign for it yourself. Which is so cool. Look how independent we can be at 16 (even though I still don’t have my permit for driving yet, scary thought).

I have another paper for my teacher. This time it’s a thesis paper. And she’s already tearing me to shreds. Even though on that last paper I got a B. Seriously. You’d think with all the effort and how pissed off I was I would’ve gotten a nice A. But no, of course not. Sorry… still pissed about that. Anyhow, thesis paper. We had to write three thesis statements on our chosen topic (mine: dress codes and how they stifle our individuality). She calls me up to her desk when we were in the computer lab today and says to me “I don’t know where you’re going with these two so I advice you DO NOT use them (teacher speak for: they suck, you can do better). However, I like this third one, now, do you know how to do a proper thesis statement question (teacher speak for: you’re not a complete failure, but I’m willing to bet you’re not as smart as you think)?” Me, “Yes, I do. You take the subject and write a quick opinion statement about it. And then you somehow turn it into a question to which you answer with a following because statement (which had me thinking of a stupid if-then statement which I took a test on today in Geometry after that period).” My teacher was impressed. I have to work on a first paragraph this weekend…

Oh, this week I got a college application in the mail! Well, that was today, anywho, Nicols College (a college that came for the college fair) sent me an application. Which totally rocks. I was chirpily discussing it with my boyfriend when we were on the phone earlier after I got back from applying for the passport.

Oi, a week until i can sleep in for four straight days. Looking forward to that immensly, especially after today! I overslept through my alarm clock and thus I was late to French. I never knew how much my French teacher depends on me in the morning (seeing as I’m also in her homeroom). I usually run up and get her mail for her and make copies as well as get homework done. Of all days I choose to oversleep, this morning my teacher needed me to get her mail and deliver the attendance to the floor office.

And now that I am happily fed, and blogged out (because that is honestly a weeks worth of blogging that I’ve been meaning to do) I have to go and put my left over rice away and get some sleep. It never ends….


Karen says:

Rice and french fries, I’m trying to decide if you are worse than me or not… Maybe that is something to ask the dietitian my doc is forcing me to see, lol. Course I would have to decide which of my “meals” to compare it to, I think poptarts and milk would totally win, a can of green beans might be on the border…

18M sulfuric acid is nasty stuff, hope he was using a hood and gloves and goggles! I set the lab bench on fire with 95% ethanol quite frequently. I am not sure what point too much water makes it non-flammable, 70% still is, I don’t make any lower than that. My undergrad prof had this awesome demo, he would mix a certain percentage of ethanol that would ignite but not burn whatever the item was. He put it on an $100 bill and lit it, the ethanol burned off but the water protected the bill, it was really cool.

One does wonder where they came up with some of these age restrictions, most of them are so arbitrary. Like 18, why is that age so special, why not round it out to an even 20? 21, why 21, why not round down to 20? I think driving age should depend on maturity level, there are people who at 15 would be responsible enough to drive and people who are 20 who should NOT be allowed to terrorize the roads/sidewalks with a motor vehicle (like a jerk who lives by me on his motorcycle, I’m guessing he is 18-22).

I think I usually chose pro-uniform when I had to write on the subject. Would have been one less thing the other kids could make fun of me for so I kinda liked the idea at the time, now of course it is a non-issue. Best of luck on that paper, if you want to throw ideas by me on it you have my e-mail, not sure how helpful a science major would be but never know, lol.

Haha Karen, that’s great. And of course we used the hood but we didn’t use the gloves, he did use goggles of course though.

And yes, I ate rice and french fries for dinner. It was one of those “fend for yourselves” nights here at the house. So of course I’m standing in the kitchen making rice in the micro wearin PJs and what not while the french fries were toasting in the toaster oven.

Right? Why can’t everything be nice 20? It’s like okay at 16 your considered an adult in the eyes of DOS (Department of State) but you can’t drink or do any real legal driving until you’re 18 & 21. It’s insane.

I’m against this uniform stuff, it’s stifling to individuality. But of course I’ll end up throwing ideas by you, lol, you rock with the advice. lol

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