Former Goat Nanny Diaries

{October 5, 2008}   Zoo Station

Zoo Station, good way to title this even though it also happens to be the song I’m listening to by U2.

I wish I had a camera at the moment. That way the picture would do more justice to my room than words would.

My room, at the present moment = chaos. Absolute chaos. Don’t get me wrong, at least I can walk in here, but it’s chaotic. My bed isn’t even close to made, there happens to be a white blouse hanging off of my black table where my stereo is, my bed side table, oh lord, I can’t see the table itself that’s how covered with junk it is. I have laundry to fold too. I believe I came in here in the first place to do my history homework (because we have an online book {yay! I don’t have to lug home that monstrous thing that we call a history book]). Oh well, it’s only 3:15, I have the rest of the afternoon to organize my room after I do my homework…


Karen says:

Hmmm, clean apartment or read blogs… Yeah, you can totally see which one I chose to do 😉

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