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{October 10, 2008}   Half Rant, Half Story

Been freaking busy all week. And I’m not writing this for pity, i’m just writing this to get it off my chest…
I have a bitch teacher for English who insists on hating me more each day. (If you can’t tell, this is the rant part) This past week was hell with her. We had outlines due for her on Wednesday and I did mine by the MLA book. I was in a good mood when I handed it to her until she decided to tell me that I “did it wrong.” To which I kept a level head and said in my utmost absolute polite way, “Okay.” While she told me that it had to be in “Why… Because… How” form. To which I said (my patience running VERY thin) “but I did it from the MLA book-.” To which she cut me off, “Excuse me. I gave you papers. That’s how I want it.” Putting it not so nicely, I was pissed. And then yesterday we had a quiz on how to do work cited pages and setting up quotes. It took half the class to do the work cited page part. I messed up SO MUCH. (And because we’re not allowed to use pencil [even though she uses pencil to mark up our papers] [which drives me absolutely crazy] I had to start over several times.) So it took forever. And right when I think I finally got it right, It turns out we had to skip lines when doing the entries for the page. Mind you, it wouldn’t have pissed me off so much if we were in the computer lab typing them, but HAND WRITING THEM?!?!? I didn’t get a chance to do the second half of the quiz and when I realized that I wouldn’t be able to get to it, I asked the teacher what I should do. She said, “Oh. Well you should be able to finish. And if you’re having trouble why didn’t you come see me yesterday when I was offering help like some of the smarter students did?” My patience was so worn thin, I was quivering with utmost anger. I stapled my paper, and handed it to her just as the bell rang before I actually said anything that would get me into trouble. But there’s so much I wanted to say, which is why I was happy when a friend of mine said it for me when he didn’t get to finish his paper either, and that was “Well, she’s smart, but you didn’t tell us that we had to skip lines.” Even though it’s 24 hours later I’m still quivering with absolute rage. My boyfriend, who God bless him, puts up with my endless bitching about this teacher, said that I’m over reacting and I shouldn’t let it phase me. I love him. But when the teacher finds new ways to pretty much say “you suck” everyday it’s kind of hard not to let it phase me.

On a happier note: 10 days until we have to know our lines for lamplighters. I have mine somewhat down, just have to get the finishing touches down. Oh, we did a single lab period for our chem lab because we don’t have school on Monday. And we didn’t have it today either. =D So I spent the morning in bed. It was nice. What else? Oh, I have history homework this weekend on top of the English paper and a geometry assignment. And tomorrow there is a chili party at my grandfather’s house! Yum. Chili! Thus I started my English paper today before I remembered that I was going to rant. (I was going to write it last night, but never got around to it.)

Ah. We got our school pictures back. I don’t like mine. It’s an improvement to last year’s though. But I still say, my eighth grade picture is the best school picture that I have thus far. Point is: i’m not photogenic.

It could be worse...

It could be worse...

Yes, that is acually the picture size too I think. Blah.


Karen says:

I already told you what I thought of your delightful teacher. I am very glad you have other classes that you enjoy, try not to let the english course stress you out too much.

My school pictures rarely turned out, yours is way better than many of mine! Pretty much every year Mom ordered a package they would be horrid, if she didn’t order them they often turned out nice. She now gets to go through it again with Niecey, hopefully she is more photogenic than her Momma and Aunties! Maybe I’ll dig through my mom’s pictures next time I visit the homeland and find some of my old school pics, perhaps even the dreaded 4th grade pics, think that was my WORST year ever, lol. Maybe we could have a competition for who has the worst school pic ever between us and whomever we can con to join us in it, hehehe!

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