Former Goat Nanny Diaries

{October 12, 2008}   Who Doesn’t Love a Bowl of Chili?

Last night, I ate my fill of the greatest chili EVER. It took three hours of prep over at my grandfather’s house and another hour of waiting before we got to sit down and enjoy. By we, i mean my grandfather, grandmother, my Uncle Zack, his friend Dave¬†Sydney, Mom, and myself. Sara ate a meatball grinder. Anywho–> So I ate three (somewhat big) bowls of chili. And I swear, it was amazing. So after we had all finished eating our fill we plaid this game: Left, Right Center. It’s the new uno in our family. We were all into it and it was bad. My sister Sydney was sitting to my right and she always somehow ended up having one of the last chips so during this one round, when I was already out, I was like “come on… get a left.. get a left….” And when she did, I yelled (my new battle cry of victory) “CHILI!!” My uncle, who was sitting across from me, almost fell over with laughter. Oh hell we had to stop playing for a good 10 minutes until all of us could calm down a little bit. It had been way too long since I laughed that much and that loudly. Although, on the car ride home I said to my mom, “I think I almost killed uncle Zack with my new battle cry.”

Today, unfortunately I’m working my butt off to finish my English essay and my history homework. Yes, I know, it’s not due until Tuesday (because thankfully we don’t have school tomorrow) but I’m acting like it is so I can get out of the house tomorrow and do some much deserved shopping. Ah… the English paper calls…

But damn… that was some good chili….


Karen says:

You may eat my share of the world’s chili rations if the world ever comes to that ;). Glad you had fun, hope your paper goes over well with the english nazi!

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