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{October 19, 2008}   Weekend Off

The past few weeks I’ve been so damn busy that I haven’t been able to have a good time. It feels so nice not to have anything I have to work on…

So on Friday, I turned in my moth current paper. This was the day after I spent SEVEN HOURS in front of the computer trying to make it perfect so I don’t entirely fail this year. (I mean, c’mon, i’ve already got a freakin 18 on a paper, but that’s a much different story.) So seven hours of work paid off though. If I hadn’t changed my thesis God only knows what would have happened. Yes, I changed my thesis… the night before the paper was due. Rather, I changed it the morning the day the paper was due. When I told my teacher, she about killed me… with her gaze. And this was after she said I was unEnglish-Major-Worthy. UnEnglish-Major-Worthy? She can (pardon my language) kiss my ass. If I’m so unworthy explain why I had the nerve to not only defy her and change my thesis (which I got lucky and it worked to my advantage), but to also not drop this class yet. I’ve been dying to give in and raise that little white flag in defeat, but it hasn’t happened yet (unfortunately, even if i do want to change my class, it’s too late now though). Anywho, yeah. Took me seven hours to get it right. And i’m willing to bet the money i made in Indiana this summer (no, not the money that goes towards the trip, but the money that I can spend on myself) that it’ll be covered in either pencil (which drives me absolutely ballistic. Seriously, can’t she use red pen?) or blue ink (once again, is it so damn hard to use red pen? They sell a whole box of them at Staples for about five dollars). Don’t get me wrong, I think I did well on the paper (but that’s just me, surely the teacher will find something wrong with it), but there’s going to be something that she’ll find to rip me apart with.

So anywho, Friday I turned in the paper (after having to DASH down the hall to my French class before the bell rang [for class to start] to get my paper from my French class where I had left it) only to find out we get to start another huge project (yes, i realize I said i have the weekend off, but after the last four days of hell, I think I need a break from writing MLA style papers. Or papers in general). When she was handing it out, I groaned. She yelled at me for that of course, tellling me that I need to get a better attitude. Sure, sure… i’ll get a better attitude when she learns not to be a bitch to me.

But it was nice yesterday. I stayed at the school until close to ten last night. Vair, vair nice. We had Fermi Fest and I was working the lamplighters’ table where we had the cake walk. It rocked. I ran into my boyfriend who was with someone I hadn’t seen in FOUR YEARS. Holy shit it was… dazing. Like seeing him I was like “OHMIGOD! NO WAY! HOW’VE YOU BEEN?” (Yes, shouting because you seriously couldn’t talk without yelling that’s how loud the gymnasium was!!) It was so weird seeing some of the people that I haven’t seen in forever, although (nothin against the other school) why the hell were some of the people from our rival school at our party the night before homecoming? It’s rather funny. I enjoyed it a lot. Like i’m not one big on partying and being with big crowds of people (some of whom I don’t know) but it rocked. Literally. While the booths for the different school clubs were set up in the gym, there were various interschool musicians performing in the auditorium. The last band that played before the night was over was Atheria and they’re like a heavy metal band. You’d never think I’d be one for listening to it (especially so close to the stage like I was last night) but damn. It’s good music. I left last night with my ears ringing and in a great mood.

I slept straight through until almost eleven thirty today! What a bum I am. After I finally dragged myself to the shower and got dressed I was finally awake and in need of organizing and cleaning up my room a wee lil bit. I also got to read my share of Breaking Dawn for the second time. It was such a peaceful day, and this upcoming week is going to be full of chaos, with the first show so close and this new paper to work on for english as well as a paper that needs to be revised before the day after election day, I’ll be up to my neck with remembering the few lines that I have and revisions and deadlines.

So yes, our first show for lamplighters is November 13th. Wohoo. Unfortunately, it happens to coincide with the night when Madame wants to do the “behavior contract” for the French trip. I’m not about to let the directors down and say “hey, listen i’m going to be about an hour late because I’m needed for other commitments downstairs…” because she needs me to sign this lil contract saying i’ll behave. This lamplighters play is just as, if not more, important than that meeting. i may have been committed to the meetings for France longer, but this time it plays second fiddle to theatre.

I just realized, i have a couple projects for history due sometime soon. I honestly think that the history course i’m taking now is equivalent to my current English course… in one way: the amount of papers. It’s only been, what? A month or so since school has started and for history we’ve had so many hands on projects that require presentations as well. Which in a way works because I need the practice with public speaking. So by now, i’m used to it, I don’t turn this bright pink color when i’m standing in front of the room like I used to. Thankfully English hasn’t required us to do that, I’d probably cry if I had to give an oral presentation in front of this teacher.

Just realized, I haven’t mentioned Chem just yet. This week has been fun, if not mellow, in chem. We didn’t have lab this week because we had Monday off on holiday, but I’ve managed to do well in this class. Friday we had a test. Easy. I think I did well on it. Our topics were chapters 2&3. Energy and basic chem information that we’ll end up building off of. I pretty much aced everything concerning chapter three because it was so easy. Don’t get me wrong, I am a modest person, but it’s hard to be humble when the information was elementary. Okay, you’re probably wondering what the information was. Atoms and the periodic table. Yes, that stuff. We’ve been learning the periodic table since, oh I don’t know… eighth grade? Don’t mean to brag but I have the first twelve elements memorized. Anywho, yeah. Some of the people in my class were a little more than pissed about my show of smarts towards ions and isotopes. Which is funny because the first day that our teacher was talking about atoms I mentioned valence electrons and isotopes. Which apparently we get into that in chapter four. Cool. Still, it made my day to know that at least I’m still doing very well in science even after feeling awful about English.

Ah. I feel all blogged out now.
The night is still young too…
Think I might read some more….

One last thing:
I went to six flags last Sunday. I went on my very first roller coaster: Bat Man. IT ROCKED!


Karen says:

OK, please please please do not get offended and hopefully no one reading this will get offended and I will admit being a science major I am biased to a point but, “unEnglish-Major-Worthy”!!!!! Does this psychopath realize that English is one of the most useless majors one can take?! Bias somewhat aside my aunt is a college prof/administrator (specifically in the business dept) and she sees kids that major in English and how they struggle to get a job after they are done. An English major may be potentially useful if you plan going in that you are going to grad school in something else or are double majoring in education and plan to teach, but then there are probably more English majors than teaching gigs for them. One of my dear friends recently got his bachelors in English, last I talked to him he STILL did not have a job after getting laid off the crap job he had that wasn’t even really in his field but he was desperate for work after MONTHS of job searching. My “adopted” uncle was an english major, not sure if he worked in the field or not (he may have, I’d have to ask to be sure).

Having writing and communication skills are essential for any major so I am not saying English courses are useless, to me they are a very necessary evil that everyone should have to take, but as a major it is just not worth much. You mentioned before potentially doing a double with French, that has some merit, but just an English major… I really do try not to be judgmental about other majors, like my baby sister is an art major and I try to encourage her and think of ways to help her make it work, but when someone who has what in my opinion is a stupid major tells someone who they have been tormenting for months that they are not worthy of majoring in it I just can’t hold back my contempt for them and their precious major. In my extremely humble opinion the English major is not worthy of YOU, not the other way around. You are a smart kid and you can go so much farther than that! Part of me wishes I was there when she said that crazy shit to you, I would have been able to call her an idiot to her face as I ranted and raved about that ridiculous line. I mean seriously who does this woman think she is?! Yes it is her job to teach you and push you to get better, but when it becomes personal attacks that belittle you and serve no purpose she crosses a line that should never be crossed, especially since you are a minor in high school!

I am not saying that only science majors are useful, that is very much not true. I also am able to respect people who have majors that I don’t think are as valuable, as long as they don’t get all uppity about it. I think that as long as a person goes in knowing that the major they have may or may not be all that useful in the real world but they do it anyway because that is their dream/passion and they accept the fact that it might make their life more difficult and don’t whine or try to bring others down with them then it is perfectly acceptable for them to major in whatever floats their boat.

I would so have whined too if I just finished a huge paper and had another thrown on me, even if the teacher was not a bitch and I liked the course! My advice, since it is too late to drop now, is basically to suck a lot, as in suck it up and suck up. English is way too subjective to piss off the nutjob, sucking up would potentially have her go easier on you whereas pissing her off could lower your grade. Do the best you can, try to get something out of the course so it is not all for nothing, and count down the days until you are free of her. After she submits the grades and they are set you should report her for the horrid things she has said to you, I can’t imagine them being considered acceptable for a teacher to say to a high school student.

I hope you have a great week and things turn up for you!

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