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{October 23, 2008}   Bouncing Cupcakes… You Wish Yours Were Just As Cool

Yes, bouncing cupcakes. Rather…cupcakes in general.

So today is Thursday, quite obvious, I know. But Thursdays are now the coolest day of the week. Why? Because, it’s…chem club. So, this week we baked cupcakes.

My friend and would be lab partner (if we had the same lab day) got stuck working together.* At first it was all, okay, get the ingredients, stir ’em, etc. Except, we argued about the butter. My opinion on it was, and I quote myself “Dude. Melt the butter. It’ll never work.” Did he listen to me? No… of course not, but that’s not why I’m blogging.** So after we get our batter all done and nice, we popped the tray in the oven and waited. The coolest thing ever. So while we’re waiting for our cupcakes, we also sampled these other ones. Some were better than others. Like the original recipe*** cupcakes were really yummy, whilst the ones that wouldn’t bake because they had so much baking soda in them were gross and like half baked. What else? Oh. So when ours finished, the teacher was all for looking at them. So one of the girls gets this idea to like tear off a chunk of the muffin, cupcake thing and bounce it. Either that or she dropped a piece, but still, it bounced. So it’s really bizarre. The texture is nasty. Like… i don’t know if you’ve ever had a soggy not exactly crispy, but not gross soggy, perogi. Like you know how they taste when they’re fresh out of the pan  and they haven’t had a chance to harden a lil bit. That’s what the texture is like.**** But they tasted decent other than that. I wonder if we (my household) has any frosting….

———————-Authors’ Notes————————-

* So Laurent (his French name) and I are like best friends so we can easily kid around about that type of stuff.

**Yes, we actually argued about that butter. He refuses to believe that I was right about it. But that’s not why I was blogging

***We tweaked the recipe six different ways to see how the ingrediants affected the mixture. Ours obviously bounced as a result and they were very dense. It was kind of neat. One of the other groups decided to dye theirs pink and they had like crators in the middle of their muffins (i forget the scientific reason behind it). Another group had really yummy muffins but thats because they had the original recipe. Et cetera.

****If you have never had a perogi I think we might have a problem. You won’t understand the comparison I was attempting to make.


As of around 5:30- I feel green… shouldn’t have had those cupcakes….


Laurent says:

Well I am the wonderful Laurent I know bow to my greatness.

A. I’m never wrong don’t let her fool you 😉

B. We were seeing the different leavening agents and how they made out cupcakes taste. The craters had am massive amount of baking soda or powder i don’t remember so all the CO2 made it rise and it went boom (theoretically) and made the crater.

C. The cupcake above basically had a rubbery texture. It looked like cheesecake (we all know cheesecake) but felt like rubber and squishy.

Lastly I’m never EVER wrong, I’m simply avoiding the correct way to do things.

Karen says:

Hahahaha! I think I will stick with the box mix thanks! I am not sure if cupcakes are like cookies or not, I know that with cookies you do not melt the butter otherwise the texture it all wrong. You want soft but not melted. There are reasons but I tune out the food scientists when they get technical, don’t want food to lose ALL its magic, lol.

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