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{November 14, 2008}   It’s Been One Of Those Weeks…

Hey guys! Sorry I haven’t written in FOREVER! It’s late here in Enfield and i’m tired. I want to sleep but I have work for Atilla* to do, and oh yeah. Tonight was the play.

Yeah. Tonight was indeed opening night! Go Lamplighters! We’ve been rehearsing like crazy and I do believe my buddy blogged about the actual play itself. Two hours of sitting in the band room and I must say, I didn’t epicly fail** like I thought I would. At one of our last rehearsals I broke two rules! Rule #1: NEVER BREAK CHARACTER IF SOMETHING GOES ARYE… Rule #2: Don’t swear. Funny. I did both of those in two seconds on stage. Thank GOD it was a rehearsal! Apparently though the directors didn’t hear what happened but my friends in the first row heard me and i got, pardon my language, hell for it. Sorry I didn’t blog it sooner! I haven’t had a chance to be near a computer (that can be used to access one’s blog) since… well…. when did I blog last? I’ve been awful about this blogging stuff. Anywho, back to the play. So like I said, tonight was the first night. Yay. I did not swear and I aced my lines perfectly as well as hit my cue right. Woohoo. My boyfriend went and I didn’t know it so I couldn’t spazz***. I forgot to mention, even though I was new to Lamplighters, I managed to get myself three minor roles. Not bad actually. What else? Oh. So after I managed to finish with my third face part, I played BS with the boys! Woohoo… hopefully everybody who reads my blog knows what BS is… we did that until Curtain Call. I must say it now, I HATE RUNNING IN HEELS!!!! Good God! The heels I have for my last costume are awful! not bitching though, love the costume, just hate the heels.

So English, only a half a semester left until I’m free from the psycho English teacher. I’m keeping track of days. Actually as I write, I should be doing an article for my HUGE project (which is coincidentally due tomorrow). I don’t think I mentioned it, but I’m not planning on sleeping tonight. I have a lot to do so I dont’ completely fail. Which reminds me about my grade for English. Today the teacher called us up to give us grades. And guess what! I have a 69! But, out of the “kindness” of her heart the teacher rounded up to a C- (either that, or she just doesn’t want to have me again next year. Feeling is certainly mutual!). But if I think about it optimistically: If it were an average weighted course I’d have a B- which isn’t much better, but still. Yuck! So much to do… only so many damn hours in the day…. What i would to be a vampire…. ANYWAY! Yes, I’m scatterbrained tonight because i’m just letting my fingers fly across this poor keyboard 9I can hear myself typing). I don’t think I’ve mentioned what I have to do for this project. I’ve been meaning to blog bitch it out, but like I’ve mentioned, NO TIME. So this project, rather, the part i’m doing (Oh yes, there are TWO parts to this damned project which I swear will be the life of me) involves finding events, scientific discoveries, prices, and our choice things throughout our lives. Right? Like I said last night when I was working, NOTHING EXCITING EVER HAPPENS IN ENFIELD! Aunt Min, if you’re still reading this, at least Exile has SOME DRAMA we don’t even have that. I have no Enfield event. Enfield is so damn boring! Which makes doing that part impossible. That’s okay though, if she doesn’t like my project and what I did end up finding this morning (mind you, the morning BEFORE the whole 15 parts are due…) she can seriously just fail me then. Yes, negativity. I’m kind of apathetic towards English… I can explain…

I’m going into a science field for college. I made this choice when i was sitting backstage cursing myself for deciding to be a moron and challenge myself with an honors English course (because at the time when I signed up for the seventh level of hell, i wanted to major in English). Yes i’m sure I want to go into a science field. Its facinating. It makes you think. It’s not totally useless like English can be sometimes! No offense, but I don’t know how English majors deal with it. It takes a lot to deal with a teacher who says nothing but the negative…. oh sorry. Guess i was talking bout my English teacher again. Told you I’m all over the place tonight… imagine me minus sleep tomorrow! Wonder if Mom would let me stay home… ah letting the mind wonder while typing.

I think I’m blogged out. And I’ve practically written you guys a novel… if you still read my blog. Next shows for lamplighters are Saturday. Which reminds me i’ll be stuck at the school from 12 pm all the way through almost 10pm that night…

It’s going to be a long rest of the week…
Author’s Notes:

*One of us in the honors Searching & Writing course decided to one day make a play on our teacher’s name. Thus, since she acts so horribly towards us, our English teacher is called Atilla behind her back. And believe me, when i’m bitching to other teachers about homework it has often slipped, and I quote myself from chem today that “Ahh…. Shultz! I have ATILLA for English! You can’t expect me to do all this work in one night on opening night for Lamplighters!” Yeah. I call her Atilla to the teachers that like me enough not to write me up. And of course, I know it’s not polite, but she’s earned it so no lecturing!

**Epic Fail is a term my friends and I have picked up most recently. We use it a lot. It’s like the LOL of real life. If that makes sense. But yeah, it rocks.

***For the past few weeks that have been leading up to tonight, i’ve been stressing to my ever so amazing boyfriend. He’s listened with patience and he rocks because of it. Love him so much! But regardless, he’s been saying to me, “Oh, I’ll go. Your sister and I will make you a banner” And I’ve been like “NO!! Don’t go! If i mess up you won’t let me live it down!” So the past few days he’s been all “I’m not going to go.” And I’ve wanted him to go. So when he showed up and my friend Laurent and I were looking for him during curtain call I was surprised! He sat like right in front of where I had been standing for my speaking part! I didn’t even see him. So I’m happy I didn’t mess up. almost did but I slowed down, thought my lines over and did it! Without swearing! YES!


Karen says:

Rehearsal is the place to screw up, awesome that you nailed it for the real thing! I have never played BS but I have heard of it, it was in that movie “How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days”.

Does the events and such HAVE to happen in your town or just in the time span in which you have been alive? I would probably not do well on that one either if I had to do it on my hometown, not much happens in Westmont, IL. Our math teacher/coach (mostly coach actually, he was a shitty teacher really hired to be a coach) had an ummm… not quite legal nor socially acceptable relationship with a 17 year old cheerleader, that gave the town a mention on the 6:00 news (so embarrassing!).

Congrats for running in heels, I would so face plant or something (and cuss), but then I have a bad knee and refuse to even wear heels. Hehehe, surprised your sister didn’t make you a banner after you made her one, of course they are more appropriate at sporting events than at plays.

I am pleased that you are looking at going into the sciences, it is a great area to be in =). I am sure you are venting and know this already but you need to do well in your other subjects as well. I HATED english/language arts, but thankfully I generally did well in them despite my attitude against them. Strive to do well in all your courses and it will help you not only get into your school of choice (possibly with an academic scholarship) but also do better in college since you will already have a good background. I managed to test out of one of the writing courses as an undergrad, probably in part due to my taking 4 years of the subject instead of just the IL required 3.5. Being able to communicate well through writing is something I see as an essential skill for anyone to have, so much of our communication is done through writing and people who cannot write properly come off as idiots. I think you will be fine though, I can tell you are a bright person and definitely able to write well =). (This so gets me off the hook if your aunt thinks I am turning you into an anti-english class science major, one can’t see my potential influence at all in this post, hehehehe!)

Have you ever seen FAIL blog ( My online friends and I are totally hooked on it and now every mishap is a FAIL! I have two “Microbiology FAIL” posts on my blog, I am such a blog copycat (but I cited my source both times so it is all good, see I told you it was an essential skill ;)).

Hope you have some fun this weekend outside of being in the play! Oh and any incoherence in this comment can be totally blamed on the virus that is kicking my butt and the narcotic cough syrup Doc put me on that is starting to kick in.

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