Former Goat Nanny Diaries

{November 18, 2008}   Normality

Everything is slowly returning to normal…
Atilla’s crazy project is over (and boy, let me tell you, was I happy when I turned that sucker in Friday morning)…
Rehearsals are done for the show…
and it’s almost holiday season…

Life is fabulous… rather, it has been since Friday morning. After stayig up until 1:30 a.m. I was happy to hear that we were DONE with the research part for “All About Me” (the most WRETCHED, AWFUL, HORRIBLE PROJECT IN THE HISORY OF PROJECTS [and now those of you who read my blog now know MY feelings on it]). For the next two weeks I get to do my part of the project, which includes finding out stuff about myself from the span of my childhood to now. And ironically, I like this project, a lot. Today, which was day one of starting part two was spent writing abotu my name and getting a whole bunch of information about my birthday and doing the symbolistic background to my name. Seriously, I think I scared my boyfriend after class. Normally after Atilla’s class i’m all moody and quiet and I don’t even bitch to him about it (until later on in the day of course when i’m finally ready to talk without yelling). But today, I was all grinning and bubbly and hyper. Seriously, I think one of the things he said to me was “[Atilla’s] class having the reverse effect on you now?” Well not really, it’s just I have a solid three years of research on my birthday and my name and what not. So, this project i’ll actually be able to be laid back, get ahead and actually get other homework done! YES! *Pumps fist in air!* I’ll also have time to blog too. Woohoo!!

So, Saturday was the epic two show day. I was up at ten a.m. Lemme say, I had the worst sore throat. I pumped myself full of meds and went to subway! Which, believe it or not has been my place for getting lunch & dinner since lamplighters. So I walked in around 11:45 and settled down on the floor, and within a half hour, three things had gone wrong: a monster was spilled, a cream soda was spilt (within five minutes of the monster spilling) and then we broke the clothing racks trying to get them into the band room. Though, for all the bad luck before the show, the show went GREAT! We had 100+ people and it was perfect. After the show, we ate dinner and hung out. Then we re-did makeup and did makeup check and oh yeah, for the second show of the day, we had 200+ people! Woohoo! It was amazing. Back stage in the beginning of the second show the boys and myself played some BS and man, I’d hate to admit it, but being with a group of boys always brings out the vulgar side of me. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a lady and my mom would be ashamed if she heard some of the language coming out of my mouth when the boys and I were playing but it’s so funny. Like we all friends, it’s just we get…competitive. A couple times, actually, the stage crew manager had to come back to our corner and tell us to quiet down. After maybe a half hour of going at it, we all gave up, and went our seperate ways for the rest of the night. And now, to keep the show fresh, we have a rehearsal on Wednesday. Coincidentally, Wednesday is also the first due date for my paper on myself. Which shouldn’t be so bad seeing as i’m half way done with numbers 1 & 2. Go me! Anywho, back to rehearsal, yeah, it’s mandatory, and starts at 6:30, can’t wait. This Saturday is our last show (until the spring show). I can’t wait. I was telling my uncle that i’ve caught the Theatre Bug. It’s awesome, like it wears on you after all of the rehearsing and what not, but you get it right and it pays off.

So what day is it now? November 17th? Scary how ten days from now it’s Thanksgiving… and then after Thanksgiving it’s Christmas! I always love this time of the year. Always! Except, this year I have a boyfriend… so the cunnundrum is what to get him. Not that I really have to worry because I have another month and eight days until Christmas. But regardless! It’s always nice to have holiday shopping out of the way. And we wonder where I’m going to get this money….

I’m getting a job. Rather…i’m in the process of getting a job that way I have money to blow this year for the family and the friends for christmas rather than saying “Hey mom! I need money to get [insert my friend’s name here] a gift!” And then feeling bad for it later. Although, my favorite thing is when dad and I go shopping for mom a couple days before christmas eve. Gotta love it…

And this year it’s going to snow early! We’re supposed to get snow this Saturday (yes, the same saturday as the last show!), but I guess you can say I kind of want it to snow. Like really badly, it brings the family together around christmas.


Karen says:

Yeah, so glad to hear you are having a break from English being the horrid train wreck it has been! Very cool the show is going so well. It has already been snowing here… I can’t believe how fast this year is going, so close to the holidays!

Alden Detradia says:

lol that was a really laid back week compared to the the one that followed, at least it was for me.

You know what Larry:

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