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{December 5, 2008}   Three Day Weekend

Sorry i haven’t written… yikes!
Last time I wrote, rather had time to come home and blog was………. uh….. hmm….. November…. 18th?
So much to write about…

Been busy, not with lamplighters, not with anyting school related, just haven’t had time to actually blog! Life tends to get in the way of these things.

According to my estimations (and this is assuming that midyears fall on the second week of January this year), there is 49 days until I am rid of Atilla. It’s not solid, but it’s tiding me over until I find out how many more days there actually are until we start semester two and I can get on with my now ruined English life…

While that’s not exactly solid though, something that is solid is there is 118 days until France! My Dad and I figured it out in the car when I was on the way to get refingerprinted at Bank Of America…

Which reminds me: I’m hopefully getting a job in January that will help me get money that I can spend in France and buy nice things for my Family and Friends when I go in April.

I just realized, sadly, that I’m in need of my licence. I should probably get that done before I go to France. Yes, this blog is seemingly revolving around France… love how that works..

So I have a lot to talk about now that I have France out of my system. Three weeks worth of things actually. I think…

  • November 21 -> I went and saw Twilight. It sucked failed epicly. Like,  I don’t even know, the movie really messed up the book and the people who didn’t read the book loved the movie, the people like myself, who read the book, hated the movie. I spent the Monday after seeing it talking to my friends and we agreed that it sucked. and where the hell did “spidermonkey” come from?!!
  • Novmeber 22-> Last performance for “The Great All American Musical Disaster.” I’m thankful it’s over, like I had fun doing it, but it just got so old after all the performances and such. Ended up staying out until twelve in the morning at Friendly’s with my friends having good food and hanging out.
  • November 27-> Happy Thanksgiving. And so help me god, I saw people putting up Christmas lights as we were driving to my Grandfather’s for some good food. I wanted to cry. I mean they couldn’t wait a day to put thanksgiving behind them?! What else? Ohh! My grandfather introduced my sisters and myself to the best movie EVER. Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

Yeah. I just summed up that week really fast. Thankgod it’s December. I like it a lot. There is 21 days until Christmas! Woohoo!! Love Christmas. It’s by far, my absolute favorite holiday EVER!!

I want it to snow. I swear last year around this time it was snowing or what not. Oh well, I also want to string up lights in the front yard and around the house but I don’t think that’s going to happen.

I am hell bent on Christmas this year, there’s something about the holidays, and this is the first year that I actually have a boyfriend for the holidays, it’s a nice feeling.

Hot cocoa is amazing. But back to Christmas, so there’s a tiny list of what  I want this year:

  • New Moon by Stephenie Meyer because it’s the one book I don’t have out of that series she’s written
  • Brisingr by Christopher Paolini because i’m reading it now and it’s a really good book and I have the other two books in the Trilogy
  • Pride & Prejudice by Jane Austen
  • A laptop

I’m not asking for too much, I’m beisdes materialistic things this year, I mean okay the laptop is a little materialistic but I need it for school stuff.

I’m blogged out.

But I have a three day weekend. So this weekend I’ll spend relaxing and enjoying my time off


Karen says:

You may have all of our snow, but only if you take the ice as well, the Global Warming Fairy has not visited Iowa this year =(. Weatherbug just updated, the temp went up 2 degrees to 6F, sigh. Glad you get some relaxing time in there, hope you remember how given how long you have been all busy!

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