Former Goat Nanny Diaries

{December 7, 2008}   A Christmas Story

Shopping… shopping…. still need to do more shopping even after today spending a grand total of $48.

After a confusing morning (not knowing whether or not my boyfriend and myself would be going out together), yours truly decided that she wanted to go Christmas shopping for the family. So, I did. I set out around 1:30 after hitting Mom up for money and boy! $40 goes fast. I didn’t want to borrow a lot because I’m going to use some of my money from my aunt to pay for Christmas gifts. So I was all gung ho about buying my sister’s gift and my mom’s gift, did that happen: NO! Well… half of it did. I bought Sydney’s gift and my part of my boyfriend’s gift. And then i spent a little money on myself (because come on, I couldn’t go to the mall and not get myself a latte from Paneras or be in Target and NOT buy the newest issue of cosmo [thank you Aunt Min for getting me hooked on Cosmo]). So, this all took a good two hours believe it or not.

As I mentioned earlier, boyfriend and I were debating whether or not to go out tonight. Whensomething suddenly came up, however, I was totally fine about not hanging out. I mean yeah, I wanted to see him, but it’s not like we don’t see each other daily from school so I think it was healthy today. When I called him after I got home from shopping to make sure we weren’t hanging out I was more than happy that we weren’t. I was beat.

So, A Christmas Story, you either like it, or hate it. My personal preference is that i’m madly in love with the movie and I happen to be listening to it now as I type. It’s the scene where Ralphie uses the F word. Tahaha, I came upstairs to get some rice and  then got sidetracked listening to the movie and quoting every line  (“Ohhhh Fudgggggeeeeeeeee….. except I didn’t say Fudge, I said the word… F dash dash dash word.”) HAHA! I love this movie, escpecially the scene right now, the awesome background music just makes the scene so great. And this is why I cannot blog while watching, rather listening, to a good movie.

19 Days till Christmas.

I’m going to start answering the phone sometime this week with “Spiffy the Elf, what is your favorite color?” And, if you know what movie that is from do comment and tell me.


Karen says:

A Christmas movie that contains the F-word, this I have to see…

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