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{December 14, 2008}   A Tale of Horrifying Marshmallows…

I would have written this when I arrived home on Thursday afternoon, but I didn’t have the chance to, i got home and crashed because i was exhausted. Anywho… who wants to hear, rather read, the story of my marshmallow mishap?

So it’s thursday afternoon and it’s my first week back to chem club after a bout of laziness and not really wanting to do anything. So i find out that we’re making marshmallows from scratch and others of us wouls be making caramel… bet i would have had better luck with the caramel…. Regardless though, my partner in action, Laurent decided that he wanted to be lazy and not help me out in the kitchen this time around (remember the incident with the cupcakes? Yeah.. told him we should’ve melted that butter, but no… know one listens to me, and for good reason). So I’m heating up this concoction of two cups of sugar and corn syrup and water, while trying to dissolve jell-O in a bowl on top of a pan on the back burner, whilst trying to get my act together. So, I figure i’m all good, i have my thermometer on the side of the pan, and my mixture is boiling away, right? Well only when i call over one of the guys to see if I was dfoing it right does he tell me i need to have my thermometer in the mixture, not mounted on the pan. Huh… well i figured everything was going okay, my mixture was boiling and slowly obtaining this golden color… and then it gradually got darker just a figured out how to get my thermometer to read the temp right. Instead of my mixute being 240 degrees like it was supposed to be, it was 280. NOT GOOD! Before the AP chem-er guy could tell me NOT to put the pan under cold water prior to what Laurent was telling me, I did what Laurent was telling me, get water in the pan. Not exactly our best idea. As soon as the cold water hit the heated substance we had this now solidified concoction and it wasn’t going well… at all. Laurent was telling me, “oh let me see it, i can help.” he managed to get some of the water on his skin and it burned him, i think. Leave it to us to have something go wrong when we work together…even if he is leaving me to my own devices. Thankfully, the pot came clean, the only known trace of what happened was the really burnt wooden spoon, but hey, the cooking teacher wouldn’t notice that, would she?

Aside from my mishappen adventure, one of the guys who was making caramel over across the way had managed to burn his caramel in the teflon pan. He figured he was doing it right, however, because heating sugar gives off an extothermic reaction, the sugar was heating itself…even after he got it off the heat. It smelled gross, and we ended up keeping that pan and our chemistry teacher showed the pan to each of his classes the next day with the speech of “how not to use your mother’s good teflon pans.” In addition to that, one of the girls in chem club made really good caramel and the teacher showed the classes what caramel was supposed to look like.

And now for other things, because it is the weekend and my god i’ve been busy. Friday night i went out shoppig and spent another fifty bucks. So that’s a total i believe of $98 in two weeks? And no, i’m not done shopping yet. Next weekend, the weekend before Christmas, I have three more people to shop for. My mom, my dad, and one of my good friends. Then it’s over…until I have to shop for Sydney’s birthday present. Sigh… so much shopping to do, so little time. And may I add, my shopping excusions take three to four hours looking around in our pathetic excuse of a mall to find gifts for people. 11 days until christmas. Thank god.

On the parting note: Atilla and I are starting to get along. It’s ironic, but it’s rather interesting. On one of our due dates, I asked “is it okay if my project has coffee stains on it?” because now I drink coffee daily and it’s a vital staple in the morning before I leave or in a travel mug, but anyway, Atilla asked me “Decaff or regular?” I shrugged and replied that I really don’t know. So Atilla says “I’d rather you really didn’t have that on your finished paper.” So I smile, “Are you sure? It’s original, it kind of shows who I am as a person.” With a smile. I never thought I’d see the day when I got my teacher to laugh at my joke. Yes, Atilla laughed. She thought it was funny and noted me on my originality. At first I was afraid, but she thought it was good to have a sense of humor like that… and I think I have a due date Monday… must check my calendar.

“Starting to look a lot like Christmas…” No it’s not. We still haven’t gotten any snow yet…. stupid glowbal warming….


Karen says:

I propose a trade, you can have all the horrid snow we’ve gotten and I will gladly accept any global warming that you may have. Seriously it is noon and 7 degrees outside with everything covered in snow and they are talking about us getting even more tomorrow! Global warming is such a hoax, they shouldn’t torture me with the hope that we can make the planet warmer if we all just worked together and bought hummers and ran old energy inefficient appliances. I’m dreaming of a brown/green Christmas, neither Iowa nor Illinois (I heard they got hit by a blizzard yesterday) is likely to have one. Yup, we should definitely trade, haha. Glad your teacher has shown signs of being human, hope it continues.

Laurent says:

lmfao it then snows the next week

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