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{December 26, 2008}   A Christmas Blog Post

Christmas Eve was one of those nights, the one where you enjoy being with family while watching A Christmas story a bazillion times and not getting bored of it…even if we have seen it a lot of times over the past 16 years.

After we got home from my grandfather’s house,  I was sleepy and normally I stay up late Christmas eve playing videogames. So not the case this year. I fell asleep around eleven thirty and then my boyfriend called to wish me Merry Christmas around a lil after twelve… when i was asleep.

I woke up at five am. The one morning all freakin year when I don’t have to be up early, i’m up early. I was pissed. So i head upstairs and look at the christmas tree… half blind (because i had left my glasses downstairs, not that they would do anything because i’m in desperate need of a new prescription). I say the outline of a big thing and ooh! Luggage for me. Sweet beans. At which point, I head back downstairs, turn my radio off (because by now my alarm clock was going off) and crash.

What felt like five minutes later, the blankets are yanked off of me and the little rugrat is pulling at my legs while I say “give me five more minutes or else you will die child.” I head upstsairs not five minutes later, and no, the child is not dead. I lounge on the couch while i look at the nice gifts under the tree but do not touch. Sydney is already messing with her new guitar (that was that big outline box thing i described earlier).

When mom got up, Sara attacked the gifts and I opened my gifts. I checked out the cool luggage thingey majiggy and then the coolest gift of all: MY phone. I have a new phone. It is my phone and as i speak, rather write, it’s in the pocket of these uber warm sweats that I received Christmas eve. IT is the Samsung Alias. It has Vcast capabilities AND it has full qwerty keyboard as well as the regular phone keypad. It opens up both ways and believe me, I love it. Not saying i didn’t like my old phone or anything, but this sucker is gogeous.

As I mentioned earlier, the boyfriend dropped off his gifts and we swapped. Ah my god, have I mentioned… oh phone is ringing hang on a second… must see who just text messaged me… anywho! So he got me candles, reed diffusers and Curious by Britney Spears. I gave him this awesome sign but i might be headed out tonight to get him a gift for our six months. Anywho->

Yesterday i think i gained so much weight. So much food… so little time. Ah. I don’t think I have ever ate that much in forever. By the time we got back to my house it was like the scene from the christmas story where the kids are collapsed on the couch in the livingroom and then the story fades to black.


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Karen says:

Glad you had a great time, merry Christmas!

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