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{January 18, 2009}   2009!

It’s been a while since I blogged. Sorry about that. How should I catch you up?

I spent my week off enjoying it, i hung out with my boyfriend on our six month anniversary, went sledding on the 31st after Sydney and I watched the ball drop. School started the 5th and we had lots of delays so pretty much that first week back to school skewed a lot of teacher’s plans to do things to help prepare us for midyears. The 7th i started work. Be afraid. Because now that i have work, school plays second fiddle to it. So Atilla and I are going round and round about my priorities (which go as such: Work [4-10 pm], Her class, EVERYONE ELSES CLASSES,me time, boyfriend.) so in theory she shouldn’t bitch to me about my priorities being skewed because the person who is being screwed out of my time is my boyfriend. Mom says that even though i’m only working two weeks, this is what it’s like in the real world (because I’ve bitched to her about how i have no time for boyfriend because I’m always working and doing school work and i have to have time for myself or else i might go insane). I’ve got a low homework average in Atilla’s class… not that it matters because I’m passing and as long as that’s the case I don’t have to retake her course next year (and for those of you who have a problem with this logic, i don’t care. I’m not majoring in English anymore so it’s okay). Somehow with all the madness in Atilla’s class, you know, the never ending project stream, i’ve had time for other projects as well. I just did a trial for my history course, and i suppose i did okay, could have done better but that trial was a lost cause… my opponent was a freakin AP student >.<. My average in chem class is right below that 90 where i want it to be. I’m so pissed. A stupid test (mind you, all my tests except the most recent have been as such: 90, 95, 100….77) brought my average down three points to the 87 i was at until i showed my chem teacher the homework that apparently i didn’t do (and when i looked, it was done so all i had to do was show Shultz the homework and be like “see… i did do it.”) which brought my grade up to an 88. Still. I have less than a week to bring my grade back up… err. What else? Oh.  I’ve decided that I want to major in Biology so I can do microbiology which is the best of both Chemistry and Science (and this came about because my math credits screwed me over and i can’t take AP Chem next year so i figured i’d do the next best thing and take AP Bio and Physics concurrently with Geometry). Um… I worked everyday this past week and I’ve given up lamplighters so i have more time for school work once I’m done working. Yesterday was Chili Fest and next weekend I have an eye appointment and I’m getting contacts. I have to also schedule a hair appt soon because I need to cut my bangs (and once I do that I’m recolouring my hair) OH! Yeah, i colored my hair for the first time a couple days before the new year. Instead of having all red though, the red color dye stuck to my highlights and so i had brown hair, red highlights. Mom was furious of course, but that’s okay though. She got over it.  I have work tonight and tomorrow off from school (but of course I work tomorrow night) And now I’ve caught you up.


Karen says:

While I definitely believe that micro is the bestest you don’t have to give up the idea of being a chemist just because you aren’t going to take AP Chem. Want to know how many AP credits I had, not a single one. I went into undergrad with none of that, chose what was considered the hardest major for that university (molecular biology) and graduated in 4 years. I could just as easily have been a chemistry major. AP credits help, especially if you want to graduate in 4 years or less (it is becoming common for a bachelor’s to take more like 5 years now) but you can definitely do well without them.

For the english course, do the best you can so you don’t screw your GPA. The colleges you apply to will look at your transcript and even if you are going for a science major they care about your overall GPA as well as your marks in the more important areas, unfortunately english is one of those areas. The fact that it is an advanced course should help you, as I said, just do the best you can and try to finish strong.

Ah the school v work priority debate. I did not have a job until I graduated high school, though I did do a lot of volunteer stuff but not so much it messed with school (I had it easier without all the honors/AP stuff). When I graduated I needed a way to pay for the college I chose, private college tuition is not cheap. For me school was my highest priority, you do not pay over $16-19K a year and not have that be top (tuition tends to rise every year and went from 16 to almost 20 in my four years there). That said I NEEDED the money from the job to pay for school. Basically I lived an unbalanced life where school and work were top and everything else was secondary. Work did provide me a bit of a social outlet, I made friends with some coworkers, and basically I existed while school was in session and on breaks I had some “me time”. Some of my health problems now could well be from having that lifestyle for that long, hard to say. Basically it is all about finding a balance that works for you and gives you the best return on your investment. I tend to lean towards school being the top followed by work but you are very right about needing me time and such. I think it is good for you to learn this now, you’ll be ahead of the game going into college and eventually this real world they talk about.

I think the hair thing sounds cool, I thought about getting red highlights before but am way too lazy to deal with such things. Besides it is always up in a bun these days anyway, seems that it is becoming my signature look. My coworker commented that when she comes in and the lab lights and such are on she scopes out the room and how she figures out if I am there is if she sees my bun peeking over the bench’s shelf thing, and she knows it is relatively safe to come in (we have a coworker from hell that all of us try to avoid). Maybe I’ll blog my bun, lol. Oh and my mom, hates the bun, hehe. Guessing this comment is one of my signature novel comments, hard to tell with the little comment boxes, think I’ve more than covered it all. Hope you have some more time to yourself and boyfriend time this weekend, and goodness you are fast approaching your trip to France! Take care =)!

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