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{February 22, 2009}   I Don’t Have Any Time Anymore

Believe it or not guys, I have no time to blog anymore. With everything (which is mainly comprised of school work now) goiong on, I find it hard to find that ever elusive balance of work and play.

So what have I been up to in the month since I’ve last written?

Well, work ended. I am getting called back though after I come back from France (more on that after this) I start work that Friday. I’m really happy. I managed to make a good amount in my.. two and a half weeks of work and it was kind of nice, i made some friends and I learned work isn’t so bad afterall.

Believe it or not, I leave for France in less than a month and a half. i’m looking forward to it, but not so much. With all these damn planes crashing or landing whatever works, i’m a little afraid to fly over the atlantic. Which sounds absurd in theory but in reality yeah, I’m not looking forward to the flying part of this trip… even if France is the most amazing thing that’ll happen to me during my lifetime.

Exams. So right when i think I’m doing peachy keen and NOT FAILING English I actually passed by the skin of my teeth. 69 average on both the exam and my term grade. Although thankfully, Atilla’s class is over. Yes. I did good on my other exams though so it’s alright. It all equals out… even if I didn’t do so hot last term…

Atilla’s Class is over. Yes. And in replacement of her class all my worrying about having a bitch teacher was in vain. I actually love my lit course and it is probably my highest class (besides Chemistry) as far as averages go. I like the constant note taking and reading assignments (even if I’m not keen on the freakin old English such as Beowulf [which was absolutely ridiculous]).

My other classes are doing fine. We’re at the heart of chemistry (stoich and the mole), and believe it or not, inspite of how shitty i am at math, i rock at this stuff. I also correct papers for the my teacher and another teacher during my fifth period studyhall (because i have nothing better to do).  I’m acing my geometry class right now, even though we’re reviewing for CAPT (Connecticut Aptitude Practical Test or something like that) and I passed that test last year! Woohoo. French goes well, i’m speaking it whenever i’m in that class so I can be somewhat fluent when I go to France.

I missed a week of school 2 weeks ago(the week right after midyears). It sucked ass. I hate being as sick as i was. I was bed bound and my god, by Thursday I was ready to shoot someone. Seriously. Coughing up lungs and not being able to talk goes against my beliefs. You’d think i would be ridicuously behind, but I’m not. Only in French but that’s because I don’t like drawing and she assigned a whole bunch of drawing assignments to apparently help us comprehend the story we’re reading in class (and you bet your ass i still haven’t done those assignments, but don’t worry, I’ll get to them… before the quarter ends).

With the new marking term semester thingy my boyfriend got Atilla for a teacher. I don’t understand how the hell he finds her and i quote him “a cool teacher.” I swear to you, he must be insane or something. That’s my opinion though. And I’ve already voiced that if he gets a better grade in her class than i did I will kill him. He sleeps during her class and I worked my ass off…most of the time. Speaking of my boyfriend, he’s pretty awesome still. haha he survived not seeing me during those two weeks when i was working and now we’re back to hanging out regularily.

I have a social life again, somewhat. I find time to get work done and have fun. and fun, sadly at the moment equates to hanging out Thursday afternoons in my chem classroom doing things for chemistry club…

And as not fun as that sounds, it is. But that’s because I’ve decided I’m definately going into some kind of science major. (If i had it my way, next year my courses would consist of: AP Bio, AP Chem, Organic Chem, Anatomy & Physiology, & Physics. However, next year i’m only taking AP bio, physics and Organic chem because that would be a scary work load. I wonder if i can con my parents into letting me take Anatomy & Physiology over the summer….)

and thats everything.


Karen says:

Did your teacher have you make moles while teaching you about them? I can’t remember if it was an assignment or extra credit but my chem teacher in high school had his students make stuffed moles with this pattern he has and then make it individual. I was on the track team and he was one of my coaches so I made “Track star mole”, lol.

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