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{February 24, 2009}   It’s Going to be a Sucky Week

Sucky way to start my week.

Drama… projects… damn school stuff….

Got up this morning thinking maybe this week wouldn’t be so bad. Boy… I hope this week gets better before it ends. I didn’t realize it when i left but my shirt was see through and unknowingly i picked out my plaid bra. Wouldn’t believe the number of comments I got today from Freshmen, my boyfriend, my best friends… it sucked. Although I’m pretty sure the guys in school liked the view at least. Not that I was thinking like that when i got dressed. But of course, after I realized my shirt was… indecent i kept my hoodie on all day. And today was lab. I like working in lab with short sleeves. Oi. I hate how my body gets so warm so easily (even though gee, outside it was failing to get above freezing). And during lab my eyes started to burn, but I wasn’t the only one who had that happen. The whole class was complaining and our teacher didn’t know why or what was going on. I swear, I hate labs, but I love chemistry… I think it has something to do with the sucky math. During history I dealt with the fact i have a major project due tomorrow. Seriously. Not cool. AT ALL. I mean i haven’t purposefully put it off but it just kind of happened because hello I HAVE SIX OTHER CLASSES and i also had a different paper to write. So as you can tell, my day was sucky. Kinda. I stayed after and gave an oral report on Leonardo Da Vinci for the France trip. (Who would’ve thunk it? You gotta give reports before you go on a trip to a different country) And speaking of France, there is 37 Days till we go! Woohoo!! Looking forward to putsing around France with a camera in my hand. Wish I could bring my phone to send pictures to my friends while I’m actually there but Mom is having a conniption everytime I mention the words France & phone plan in the same sentence. I don’t see what the big deal is, it’s france. It’s a phone. It’s called people watching while texting my friends back home. Yes, God Forbid I go across the ocean without a way to communicate. haha. Oh god… Procrastination sucks.


Karen says:

Hope your week got better and things have settled down a bit, though of course I know that they are likely busier as you get ready for your trip on top of all your classwork. I don’t think I would bring my cell overseas and if I did I would definitely not use it unless it was an extreme emergency. I don’t even want to know what the roaming and long distance charges would be! I recommend getting skype if you don’t already, that way you can text/talk to any of your friends that have it for free (or the cost of the internet connection if there is one), drawback I guess would be you could only do it when playing on the computer (did your Mom agree to let you bring the laptop?). I suspect you will be so busy being dragged around to all the cool stuff they can cram into a day/trip and probably wouldn’t have too much time for texting and such while out and about, lol. But then I am a person who refuses to learn how to text with/from my cell.

Lately it has been warm in the main lab I work in so I have been mostly doing my work with short sleeves, normally I wear my hoodie, rarely I wear the lab coat. I keep the shirts that are see-through or semi-see through on the other side of the closet, I would definitely be zipping the hoodie up if I wore one with just a bra too, that sucks (though is a bit funny, hehe).

Have a great weekend =)

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