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{March 29, 2009}   Busy, Crazy, Insaneness

Life has been pretty awesome since i wrote last month. Where to start….

Lets see, last month i…. had an amazing rest of the month (i can’t remember anything from it to be completely honest). I did good on my chem stuff except stoich because i keep hitting the wall for dimensional analysis…. learn how much i truly dispise the men in the world… figured out drama sucks… got to go home early for CAPT…. got scheduled for next years classes…. pitched a freakin hissy fit when i found out i couldn’t take philosophy next year because my grades for English suck (it was a b- and they want a B to take philosophy… ridiculous eh?)…… closed the “in a relationship” chapter of my llife when Josh broke up with me (which I’m truly okay with because we’re capable of being mature and we’re friends)… and finally i’ve started packing for France.

Yup. France is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER. It’s scary. I’m not gonna lie, i’m a little freaked out. If one more plane crashes this week you bet your ass that my parents will have to drag me out of the house Thursday morning. How many planes have crashed this past month?!? If you, like myself, already have a slight fear of flying, you bet your ass it’s a lot more than you like to imagine. And by the way, there is a numerically correct number of how many planes have crashed, i just don’t know. and i don’t care to know because it won’t be helping the airlines cases that i’m already freaked out about flying across the atlantic. Mom says it’s nothing to really worry about. To that i laugh a little mirthlessly and say, “okay. and when it’s my plane that crashes, then what?” Because yes, i’m a drama queen. I freak out over things like this and ask those kind of what if questions that you probably should not ask yourself if you’re flying to france in less that a week.

Speaking of Flying to france in a week….

IT’S BEEN FREAKIN HELL AROUND HERE FOR THE PAST TWO WEEKS. Between me and mom and all these France trip meetings… very stressed household. Mom wants to cover all the bases, i want to get packed, Dad really doesn’t want to hear about it because he doesn’t care (or so he let’s on). And sadly, I’ve learned i cannot bring my beloved cell phone with me to France. Sad really, but that’s not why i’m freaking out. I want to be packed and have it done with. But life doesn’t work like that. I have half of my stuff packed. And i’ve firgured out what i’m wearing this week. but sadly the jeans i want to bring with me are the very same that i’m bringin with me to france, so Wednesday night i’m doing madd laundry and then packing thursday morning. Sigh. This is why i’m my mother’s daughter, we have this habit of making a huge deal out of everything when its not too much of a big deal. but then again, France is a big deal. Either way. Speaking of mom. She’s been busier than I believed this week. This week while i’ve been runnin like hell through people’s back yards, stayin after for chem club, doing homework, and watching Sara, she’s been buyin stuff and taking care of the things that need to get done. Like before last night i had no freakin idea mom went out and bought me a nice new camera (which by the way i can’t wait to get my paws on this baby because it’s gorgeous), took care of my medical needs for the trip (which i will not like having to ask if i can pop pamprin for cramps or take excederin for headaches or ASK FOR A FREAKIN COUGH DROP SUPPOSE MY THROAT GETS SORE- yeah, i gotta ask for a cough drop, who knew?- I’m so used to self medicating and having what i need on me), and bought all the lil things i’ll need. Woohoo. I have awesome smelling shampoo and conditioner and my own toothbrush case and travel toothpaste. Yes, i’m amazed. This is a way big trip.

And now i have to figure out how I will manage to change when i’m at the airport… what’s the check-in times for international flights? 3 hours before? Because we’re leaving school at 11:25 and the bus ride to logan is freakin 2 hours…. so that puts us at 1:25ish granted there’s no traffic. And on top of that, the flight leaves at 5:30 in the afternoon. Mom says I’ll have time to change before we leave, and I hope so, even though i’m personally in favor of just bumming out that day anyways.

My secret plan of action, that mom so doesn’t approve of, so therefore it’s not quite so secret is to stay up wicked late the night before. I don’t care thhat i still have classes Thursday morning. No way. I have Chem, French, Studyhall, & Geometry. Easiest classes of the day, and i’m telling you now: i will not get anything done believe it or not! Well… I might get something done in french considering that we’re starting past tense reflexives tomorrow.. and I do believe we’re starting a new chapter…. oh damn. I have those other classes too. I hope we don’t do too much in lit…. or have a test. That will suck.  Now i’m going to pray to all hell there’s no test thursday or friday in Lit or History.

And Now i’m just babbling. Let this week come and bring with it everything.

P.S:  i know for a fact I will not have time to blog this week, so i’m saying it now, when i get home from France I’ll post every single picture up here that i took (and that’s a lot of pictures because I’ve promised people i’ll take pictures of EVERYTHING)

P.S.S: 4 days ’til France! OOHRAHH!


Karen says:

If my calculations are correct you are in France right now, hope you are having an awesome time!

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