Former Goat Nanny Diaries

{August 13, 2009}   Summer Time in Ohio

Sheesh. It’s been entirely too long since i’ve written. Blame my computer, i dunno. Blame me if you so want to. But yes, lemme explain my title: i’m in Ohio

I’ve done a lot of traveling this year. first Paris in April. Tha was amazing if i say so myself. The breathtaking views from the Eiffel tower, the surprisingly good food, the hot men, beautiful views from my hotel room windows, EVERYTHING. (Yes, I realize I owe a lot of pictures, about 400 to be exact)

Then! In July I traveled to Rhode Island for a week of tent Camping. Lemme tell you, if you are anything like me (a city girl, high maintenance, like to use electricity etc) DO NOT go tent camping. Take my word, you will be miserable. It’s not that i’m pessimisstic or anything, but it RAINED the week my family chose to go tenting. And it SUCKED. I mean the days it didn’t rain we went to the beach, and that was nice… til I got burnt and my skin peeled about a week later.. eww…

And now it’s August! Here I am. i’m actually blogging again, or trying to… But anyways, i’m in Ohio with my cousins. And it’s my second day. Here., Yesterday my cousin Tyler took me on the first quad ride of my life. It kicked butt. I mean, I was never really into the heart pounding adreniline rushing stuff like going 4 wheeling on a quad, or going upsidedown on roller coasters (which i’m now into) but it was pretty awesome. I wish i had brought my camera with me onto the trail because the sights were pretty beautiful. If there’s one thing I like, it’s the fact that i’m finally home. I mean i’m not at home with my mom and dad and my two dogs, but i’m home, where I was born. And it’s a great feeling because i’m at ease and away from the drama. Here, it’s like the word drama doesn’t exist. There’s no scandals or anything, it’s just… peacful. andx the kind of vacation that i’ve been needing for a while. Because although i did go on vacation in July that was more of an exercise of my patience and virtue and obedience than anything else. My aunt was testing my limits on that vacation and to be honest, we haven’t talked since the last day. So like i said, that wasn’t really a vacation. This however, definately is. I haven’t reached for my phone to try and stay with civilization. i like being disconnected from Enfield. Hell, to put it mildly, I feel at home with my aunt and uncle. I mean i know that’s how i should feel with all my family, but i don’t feel that with some of my family and i’m fortunate that I feel this way here because i’m not tense, i can… as you say let it all hang out. But not in a bad way. lol I have another week and 2 days here and i’m honestly looking forward to it. I really am. I know this sunday we’re going paintballing and quading… if that’s a word. lol This’ll probably be the most fun i’ve had in a while. I can let my hair down and just have fun.


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