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{August 16, 2009}   Blogfest & Bambi….

i’m now officially on Twitter!!! follow me!

Anyways, i’m not writing because of this. i’m actually writing because I have time to write. Be afraid. I’m at the infamous Camp Tuesday and i have time to sit down after dinner before bed and write a blog. That, in itself, is reason enough to be afraid.

This is my third day here. So far we- my sisters and myself- have gone on quad rides, gone swimming in the pond, and I believe tomorrow there is a margahrita party at the house of friend’s of our Aunt and Uncle’s. I guess i’m adjusting nicely to constantly having something to do around the house. time passes by faster when you’re not just sitting around doing nothing besides reading all afternoon by the pool- when it’s not raining of course.

We still have a whole nother week here. so i guess i was off in my estimate of about 2 weeks. not complaining. I mean whilst I am here i get to gladly oh so amazingly learn how to drive a car under my aunts watchful gaze. She might also take me to get my permit whilst i am here. It’s kick butt. I know, i know. We all know that i reside in Connecticut, but i was born here in Ohio and i guess that back doors gthe system some how so i’m able to get my permit and then i can transfer my permit to a CT drivers licence when i’m ready for a drivers licence back home.

But time for something entirely different:
Tonight there was a margahrita party and it was amazing. I guess it was close friends of my Aunt and Uncle’s and it was fun. I mean being a kid of course i can’t drink, not that i want to, but anyways, just being able to meet some new people and hang out with my cousins made the night of being sober pretty fun in itself.

I mean my inner child would love this movie but i don’t quite see what’s so fabulous about a… deer? I’m not seeing it i guess because i’m not young anymore, but honestly. Bambi is, in my opinion, just a tragic story of a deer growing up, losing his mom and having him and his friends all fall in love as they grow up. Big deal.
The only thing i found even remotely amusing was gthe minor part when Bambi was hittin on that girl deer and this buck comes outta no where and totally in silent- or as silent as you can get with music background- film tells Bambi off for hittin on his girl. it reminds me of certain men in the male species that i know. not going to name names or anything.


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