Former Goat Nanny Diaries

{August 16, 2009}   It’s kind of hard to critique with no TV to watch

So whilst, like i said, there is no TV to watch, i can critique movies and what not, but i don’t have much I really need to critique, we all know my opinion from Bambi last night…. but anyways. Might as well keep ya posted on my activities.

I went driving today. About damn time, it’s been a year overdue.

My grandfather, also known as jiggypa in Goat Mama’s blog,was the unfortunate soul who got stuck with me in the car. Now, personally i’ve been DEATHLY AFRAID of driving. I mean c’mon, how can you blame me when i hit the hottub with my sister’s go-kart when i was about 12. So anyways. Driving was not as bad as i believed it to be. But I think i might have almost given my grandfather a heart attack a few times whilst we were driving. I mean he taught me a few great things today:

  • How to start the car
  • How to make the mirrors more adjusted to my height
  • How to use those mirrors
  • “Hand over hand technique”- making a sharp turn and i have to spin the wheel real fast, can’t just use baby steps
  • Backing up into spaces- Yes, i learned how to back into the driveway
  • Turning- which wasn’t as bad as i suspected
  • Parking and turning off the car

you must realize, i left a lot out. I don’t feel the need to go into too much detail. Driving is… driving. It’s not like other things, it comes second nature after you do it alot.

Ohh yeah. It was a good day. 2 hours of driving. not bad at all.


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